Tuesday, October 04, 2005

All right, already.

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Look, Ma--I can smile nicely and shower!

Glad I took this second round of photos, though, because I caught a goof in Shedir. Can you spot it?

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Another goof, that is--the one I knew about and chose to ignore is in the brim, and the new one is in the hat proper. Still, three days, two goofs, one Shedir--I can live with that.

Project wrapup, since I was too perturbed by the not-smiling yesterday to do a proper one:

Pattern: Shedir, by Jenna Wilson
Yarn: Rowan Calmer in Coffee Bean. I said 1.5 balls yesterday, but I think if it was over 1 ball, it was barely. It's hard to say since this was a stashbusting project--I was using up leftovers from the Regency Shrug. Should've weighed them. Didn't. (Edited: Weigh the hat, Dumbass McDumberson. 60 grams, or 1.2 balls of Calmer)
Needles Size 3 bamboo circs for body of hat and DPNs for top.
Mods: Added 10 brim rows plus a turning row; completed only 2 repeats of the initial cabling. (Edited once more for future ref: this was a mistake. Should've done 3 reps so as not to be continually tugging the hat down around my ears.)
Dates: Started 9/30/05, completed 10/2/05
Notes: I love this project. I felt so accomplished when I finished my first one, and all the more so now, since it was so much easier this time around. (Post-its? We don't need no stinkin' post-its.) I will make it again and again, and will hoard Calmer so I can contine to make it forever. Such a great gift, either as a chemo cap or a cap cap, and the Calmer makes it the perfect transitional hat for fall.

Those of you tuning in for Bailey updates, be advised that my wicked, ungrateful animal cost me further hundreds of dollars this week by actually chewing off her bandage and gnawing out her stitches (GNAWING OUT HER STITCHES! What kind of insane animal does that?), which required more anaesthesia and more surgery and more followup visits. In punishment for her wickedness, she is also decked out in a new hat.

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HA! It's like she's in the stocks! Those Puritans knew what it was all about, man--public humiliation and the inability to scratch your nose if you need to. That'll teach her.


Blogger MeBeth said...

I love your Shedir - I definitely want to make one now!

And I'm sorry Bailey is still having some problems and has to wear the lampshade on her head. Hopefully she'll heal up soon.

10/03/2005 11:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful job on Shedir. Your IK vest looks amazing too. Are we on the same knitting schedule? I've been thinking about shedir for awhile, loving the IK vest AND I'm on the 6th repeat of cozy (not blogging about it since its a surprise for my mom).

I decided to hold off on the vest for a bit - the Dr mentioned he would rather have a sweater first.

Poor Bailey! Sophie would have done the same thing to herself. I wish we could explain these situations to them...Sophie only seems to understand "food" "cookie" "carride" "walk", you get the picture.

10/04/2005 6:54 AM  
Anonymous vim said...

God God, Bailey. No wonder you weren't smiling in the first set of pictures. Sheesh.

The new picture looks much nicer. I'd be your friend for sure!!

10/04/2005 10:01 AM  
Blogger amandamonkey said...

Oooooh, Bailey, you bad dog. You're so cute in your crate, though.

10/04/2005 11:38 AM  
Anonymous Cordelia said...

Ah, yes, I get now (also) why there were minimal smiles yesterday. I think (jumping ahead) Bailey definitely needs a $ on her cast...

10/05/2005 10:52 AM  
Blogger The Stitchin' Sheep said...

I had a cat who had to wear one of those Elizabethan collar things constantly. She had a nervous habit of licking the fur on her rump till her skin was raw. Then, one day, we needed her collar for the newly-neutered puppy, and she never licked herself that way again. It was a little sad to watch her try to lick all the time while wearing it. I hope Bailey's feeling better soon.

10/05/2005 10:58 AM  
Anonymous anna said...

1) do you think this hat will fit a man? and
2) where can i get the pattern?

ps; my natural expression is a scowl too. you look lovely here.

10/05/2005 12:12 PM  

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