Wednesday, August 31, 2005

The joy, the pain, and the meme

The Joy:

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Walking distance, people. Walking distance. I peeked in the window the other day--there's shades, but with little spaces between them--and saw giant piles of Lorna's. I'll be needing some in green, please, for Anna's beautiful Elfines.

The Pain:

Oh my god. May I be a total girl for the moment, and say I. Have. Nothing. To. Wear.

Seriously. Closets full of clothes, and not a thing to wear, because all of a sudden, I have to dress like a grownup three days a week, and it is so not working out for me. Part of the problem (and it must be faced) is that I am in my fat jeans right now, so some of my wardrobe is out of rotation. Another part is that I actually have a decent fall/winter grownup wardrobe, but summer? Not so much. And the third part is, and I was discussing this with my friend Vim the other day (hi Vim!), I am in clothing limbo. I'm no longer the same age as my students, and therefore shouldn't really be dressing like them, but neither am I at the momly age of Eddie Bauer/J.Jill/Chico's. And I can't afford to shop at Banana or J Crew, which seem like the best in-between options. Dammit.

I tried today. I really did. I spent 3 hours at the mall, in an attempt to find something presentable to wear in the classroom tomorrow. This is what I came home with:

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Ah, jewelry. It never makes you look fat.

Finally, The Meme:

Cordelia tagged me with this one. I don't have time to do the whole thing now, but I'll try to work the rest into subsequent posts:

10 years ago: I was just starting my senior year of college, happy as a clam to have my own car and my own apartment off-campus. Also, I was probably drinking a beer, since that is what I mostly did during my senior year of college. (Lest I sound like a total wastrel I will also point out that I pulled down 4.0 GPAs and played a varsity sport.)

5 years ago: Starting my second year of grad school at UT. Finally finding my feet in Austin, partly because I had moved out of my craptastic little apartment that overlooked the highway into a lovely house in Hyde Park with fun roommates, and partly because I was finally making good friends. Note to self: that is how long it takes.

1 year ago: Starting my fellowship year, and delighting in the fact that I didn't have do anything for the forseeeable future except write and play with Bailey. (Hence, no grownup clothes.) Also facing the fact that I had to go on the job market, which, as my fellow academics know, is no picnic.

Yesterday: First day of school, i.e. first day of the REST OF MY LIFE. A bit daunting, when you think of it that way. Taught two of my three classes (the third is Wednesdays only) in what appears to have been my one grownup outfit. Um. Hung up a clock and some pictures in my office. Ate macaroni and cheese for dinner (see above re: fat jeans). Knit 3 repeats on the Sockapal2za sock. (Knit one more today: 9 down, 3 to go.)


Anonymous Vim! said...

I made the blog!! OOOh! I made the blog!!!
I'll call soon to find out how your classes are. My students all suck. Wait a minute...I have no students. Who were those chippies I was talking to???

8/30/2005 11:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have the same wardrobe dilemma: I'm not old enough for the "lady" clothes, but I can't dress too young or no one will ever take me seriously at work (because, you know, I work with a bunch of middle-aged men).

I usually have good luck with Ann Taylor Loft, Express (they have the best pants EVER), and The Limited, all of which may still be having their huge end-of-season sales.

8/31/2005 8:19 AM  
Blogger amandamonkey said...

j crew has the best in-between stuff, but ::sigh:: I don't see myself affording it in the near future, either. has really great sales, if you like the more vintage-y look. Good luck with everything - it's so exciting, and my partner is going through the same thing right now in Evanston. Crazy to have to grow up all in one day. ;-)

8/31/2005 10:03 AM  
Anonymous Rebekah said...

Uh oh a new knitting store. Last year one opened up 1 block from where I work, it's dangerous, but wonderful because I can spend my lunches there knitting.

8/31/2005 12:08 PM  
Anonymous Cordelia said...

Ooo, new knitting store. I like that it's on "Wealthy Street."
I've been reading about the professorial dress dilemna a _lot_ recently. I have no suggestions (I have the fashion sense of a snail), but I wish you lots of luck.
I wish I could've pulled down a 4.0. I don't even have beer or sports to blame...

8/31/2005 12:44 PM  
Anonymous Melissa said...

Ahh, yes, you slueth, you! You figured it out! I am indeed your Secret Pal! I won't have to post under "anonymous" anymore!!

8/31/2005 1:11 PM  
Blogger Judy said...

Is "City Knitting" a new store in Austin? Tell me more.....please.

8/31/2005 4:06 PM  
Blogger Dani said...

What a beautiful necklace.. I'm the same way... I find when I go LOOKING for clothes, I never come home with anything. But, when I go looking for nothing in particular, that is when I find everything I could ever want!

8/31/2005 10:09 PM  
Blogger Judy said...

Thanks for getting back with me. Enjoy Michigan and the new yarn it was 101 degrees here in Austin!!

9/01/2005 4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just found your blog through amandamonkey. So great to see other knitting academics out there (I'm still working my phd in science - 5th year, sigh).

So funny about the clothes - my husband (new prof) is going through the same thing. Need clothes, have no money, go to gap because we are only 30 and can't stand the thought of dressing like our parents. The trouble is, he still looks like a student and constantly has to explain his presence to administrative people who can't imagine why he is talking to them about research accounts. I actually have no job-suitable clothing whatsoever, perhaps one day's worth for emergency situations.

Ooh, you're making cozy - that's a project on my list for my mom for christmas.

9/09/2005 7:08 AM  

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