Saturday, November 05, 2005


Olga (my only real-life blog friend!) tagged me with Carolyn’s meme. Aren’t you so proud of your little meme, Carolyn? It’s been all over the blogosphere!

1. What is your all-time favorite yarn to knit with?

Um um um. I’m in love with everything lately. I’ve gotta go with Calmer, I think—I just binged on eBay and picked up a bunch half-price, so expect to see more Shedirs in the future. But I also truly, madly, deeply love Koigu—it is just pure pleasure on the hands.

2. Favorite needles?

Ask me this a month ago and I would have said all bamboo, all the time. But my dad’s vest, Rogue, and Hourglass were all knit on Addis. I think I’m converted.

3. What's the worst thing you ever knit?

Oh, easy. The infamous To Dye For, still sitting in the UFO pile like a nasty gorilla pelt. Anybody want some free mohair?

4. Favorite knit pattern? The most fun to knit?

Well, the fact that I’ve already started a second Hourglass argues for that, but I think the most fun to knit has been Shedir. Advantages: small size & low cost combined with enough technical difficulty to make the knitter feel accomplished, without wanting to tear her hair out.

5. Most valuable knitting technique?

I forget whose blog I saw this answer on, but I totally agree: the ability to fix things. I.e. knowing when a stitch is wonky, and being able to diagnose why it is; seeing a flub in your cabling 4 rows back and being able to drop down and fix it, etc.

6. Best knit book or magazine?

Mag: Interweave Knits (me and everybody in blogland)
Book: I’ve yet to make anything from Last Minute Knitted Gifts that hasn’t been a smash hit.

7. Favorite knitalong?

Sockapal2za, for sure, and I would say that even if it weren’t the only KAL I’ve ever participated it.

8. Favorite knitblogs?

Wendy’s was the first blog I ever read, and although we have very different tastes in sweaters, I keep reading for the sheer awe of seeing someone bang out an intricate Aran in less time than it takes me to make a sock. The gals at Mason-Dixon are not only great knitters but great writers—I can’t wait for the book. Anna is such an inspired designer and a bastion of excellent taste, and I always learn something new over at Nona’s. Finally, Eunny is a new fave, and Franklin’s Man vs. Sweater is an instant classic.

9. Favorite knitwear designer?

To look at? Rowan (yes, they’re a company, not a designer, but their aesthetic is pretty unified), although they do get some doozies in on occasion. I have never knitted a Rowan pattern, however, so I can’t say for sure. Jenna Wilson’s patterns have been the best-written I’ve ever worked with, and there are a lot of better-known designers out there who could take a lesson, is all I’m saying (yeah, I’m looking at you, Debbie Bliss).

10. The knit item that you wear the most?

The knit item that I wear most often was actually not knitted by me, but by my sister, who bravely, after having just learned to knit, made each of her bridesmaids (all 8 of us) a scarf as a thank-you gift, and personalized all of them by picking yarns that reminded her of the recipient. Here’s mine.

Image hosted by

Gray and nubbly, it is my constant winter companion. Thanks, Courker! Happy Birthday!


Blogger cmeknit said...

I love that the meme is all over! I have some calmer...I'm kind of saving...I don't know what for...but I will find the perfect project!

11/05/2005 8:05 PM  
Blogger MeBeth said...

Are those candles in your fireplace? It looks like a real fire - so cozy!

11/06/2005 4:56 AM  

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