Thursday, March 16, 2006

Cherries in the Snow

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Isn't it poignant, the contrast between the delicate, flowerlike Cherry Blossom Jaywalkers, and the snow falling all around them? (OK, it would be more poignant if you could see the snow in the photograph. I don't know why it didn't show up. But it's there, I promise, and we're supposed to get 4 inches' worth tonight. Sigh.)

You also can't quite see in the photo how different the two socks are in color. Really, to call these socks fraternal would be generous--they're more like second cousins. It's more obvious in their formal portrait:

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I should have knit these by alternating from both skeins, like smartie Carola is doing right now. But I didn't. Oh well.

Oh and hey, guess what? These are my very first heel-flap-and-gusset socks! I've only ever made short-rows before. I think they are quite gussetlicious:

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Am I a convert? I don't know--toe-up has the so obvious appeal of guaranteeing that you don't run out of yarn (I actually made the ribbing of the second sock 2 rows shorter than the first, since I was so afraid that I would)--but these do fit pretty darn well on the foot, I have to say, and I like how they look. You know, socky. We'll see...

Pattern: Oh my god, do I have to tell you? I know--we'll rename them the Bandwagon. (But, Senator, I am not now, nor have I ever been, a member of the Clapotis party.) And yes, Grumperina is a genius. I can barely get these over my heel, but once I do, the fit is superb.
Yarn: Cherry Blossom Sock Yarn, from Sundara Yarn. Honestly I thought each of the skeins was beautiful; I just wish they had matched a little better. But that's hand-dyes for you.
Needles: Clover babmoo DPNs, size 1
Begun: Thursday, March 9
Finished: Thursday, March 16. My fastest socks ever! Woot! Thanks, Spring Break!


Blogger amandamonkey said...

Those are SO gorgeous! ...they look a little shy in their formal pose.

3/16/2006 6:06 PM  
Blogger Alice said...

gussetlicious indeed :)

have you tried the toe-up jaywalkers? (link to pattern via grump's blog)

they suggest a toe-up form of the gusset flap thing which I've never tried, in fact I was thinking if I went for a backwards jaywalk (sounds like a 60s dance routine) I'd short row, but then I have a fetish for short rows.

3/16/2006 6:08 PM  
Blogger Patty in AZ said...

I love the color of these socks. They definately remind me of spring. I would not worry about the colors to much, they will probably be closer after a couple of washes. Anyway who will get that close to notice?

3/17/2006 12:54 AM  
Blogger Philippa said...

They're beautiful. Hope they keep your feet cheery as you plod through the snow. The gusset heel is very impressive too. :)

3/17/2006 5:22 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

They're awesome - I love the colors, even if they are slightly different on each sock. great job. Hope you had a good trip to Austin.

3/17/2006 9:00 AM  
Anonymous Cordelia said...

I *love* the formal portrait. That is a fantastic idea.

I *hate* spam-protection. I type in the right thing (I check it) and it makes me type in another one. Sigh. Just doing my part against spam, I guess...

3/17/2006 11:04 AM  
Blogger Courtney said...

Those are very pretty indeed. I really want to buy some of that Sundara Yarn, but I'm on a yarn diet at the moment. After looking at your gorgeous pics, I feel my reserve weakening.

3/17/2006 2:11 PM  
Blogger The Humanity Critic said...

I like those, very nice.

3/17/2006 4:31 PM  
Blogger Cyndi said...

Very pretty! Hand dyed yarn is kind of a pain - It seems like the skeins never match exactly, no matter what the yarn is. They are still gorgeous though, and will probably even out over time.

3/17/2006 5:14 PM  
Blogger janna said...

Second cousin socks - I like that! ;-) But they're very pretty second cousins! And I'm just the opposite - I'm yet to do short-row heels although I definitely plan to soon.

3/17/2006 11:44 PM  

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