Saturday, March 11, 2006

Like petals on a wet, black bough

I made it to Austin just in time for my beloved redbuds:

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That made me happy.

Coming back to Michigan? That made me sad.

Although the temperatures have been pleasantly springlike since I’ve been back, there’s nary a flower in sight. But—serendipity or foresight?—waiting for me in the mailbox was some Cherry Blossom sock yarn from Sundara. So I knit my own. Behold: Prunus serrulata sockensis.

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Yeah, just one so far (and yeah, it’s a little more “pink tiger” than “cherry blossom” with the Jaywalker pattern). But I’ll be casting on for the next tonight, although I think it will be a slightly different color than the first: the second skein seems to have much less the brightest of the pinks.

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But, such is the way of nature, and such is the nature of hand-dyed yarns.

If you have a moment tonight, offer up a small sacrifice to the Yarn Goddess on my behalf. Here, with a Sheepy tape measure for scale, are the leftovers from the first sock:

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It was kind of a Yarnukkah miracle: I kept knitting, and kept knitting, and the yarn held out, But just barely. Can I get so lucky a second time?


Blogger Philippa said...

Sorry that you've had to return to somewhere you'd rather not be, but it's nice to have you back in blogland! ;)

The sock is beautiful, and a nice sock-cross-redbud hybrid. The stripes of brown are like twigs threading through the blossoms.

3/12/2006 5:29 AM  
Anonymous katie said...

Great pictures--both of redbuds and of sock. Good luck with the second one! That yarn definitly looks like it make the coming-back easier. :)

3/12/2006 9:54 AM  
Blogger amandamonkey said...

I'm sorry you're sad.

3/12/2006 10:19 AM  
Blogger Olga said...

love your post title, love the picture (heehee, socks on a branch), love the sock yarn! hope you had fun while you were in town, though! it'll be spring in michigan before you know it...

3/12/2006 11:14 AM  
Blogger janna said...

Oh, but once spring comes to Michigan, you'll have lilacs. I've lived in San Antonio for 21 years, and I still miss lilacs.... (The sock is gorgeous, btw.)

3/12/2006 12:36 PM  
Blogger MeBeth said...

Uh oh - I lit the incense and did a funky yarn dance in honor of the yarn for your second sock.

I'm sorry your return to Michigan was blech :(

3/12/2006 8:21 PM  
Anonymous Cordelia said...

Less brightness but still so pretty!
I'm sorry it's all grey there in the cold state. I hope the socks keep you warm. :-)

3/13/2006 12:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looking at pink socks makes me smile. The yarn gods are definitely smiling on you right now - let's hope your luck holds out.

I love those little sheepy tape measures - especially since the tape part comes out of her butt - that delights the 8 yr old in me to no end.

3/13/2006 1:34 PM  

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