Friday, April 08, 2005

Short Row Angst

Well, when I said that the toe-up socks were instant-gratification knitting, I forgot three important details. One, I am a slow knitter. Two, my feet (while not disproportionate to my height) are kind of ginormous. And three, I am supposed to be writing the introduction to my dissertation. Nonetheless, assisted by a rerun of Without a Trace and a couple epiodes of Jeopardy, I made it to the heel. Now, I had decided to view these socks as a short-row sampler: I would try all three short-row techniques (yarnover, wrapped, and Japanese) as explained by Nona and see if I could get them all to look nice. Here's the toe, with the wrapped short row that you might remember from such places as Pasha's tummy:

Image hosted by

Hmm, lovely. A bit lumpy, perhaps, but perfectly acceptable.

Now, here is the heel, done with my former nemesis, the yarn-over short row:

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DAMMIT! Even with all of Nona's sage advice on changing the stitch mount, there are still GIANT HOLES! Gah. Yarn-over short row, you are my nemesis still.


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