Friday, April 01, 2005

Pieces of Pasha

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Pink Dog dreams of being a penguin...

I've got Pasha's front and back done; his feet and flippers (flippers? wings? What do penguins have?) are going to have to wait until tomorrow. Until then he's a little Thalidomide penguin. This pattern is adorable—I keep squee-ing whenever I look at his little fat belly.

Equally important to its cuteness, however, is that this pattern has taught me a great skill: the wrapped short row. No yarnovers=no holes! Yippee! I'm still going to be interested in the results of Nona's short row experiment, but I think the wrapped short row is it for me from now on. I can't wait to use it on Baby Poo Sock #2! Heh, I said number two.

Meanwhile, yes, that is the Victoria's Secret spokesdog modelling Pasha's back. It was free! It has spots! Don't judge me. And don't judge the dirtiness of that window either—it's all Bailey's fault.


Anonymous laurie said...

I would never judge you ;)

Penguins! SO FREAKIN' CUTE!!

4/02/2005 6:32 PM  

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