Sunday, April 03, 2005

Serious Second Sock Syndrome

Yesterday, I decided that, rather than cast on for one of the numerous projects I have in the pipelines, I should be good and work on some UFOs. I wanted something sort of mindless, since I was going to be watching basketball all afternoon, so I decided that I would make some progress on Baby Poo Sock #2, so that I could see how the heels looked with wrapped short rows. Yay! Virtuous sock knitting! Technique practice!

Alas, it was not to be. The sock pattern I was using, from Priscilla Gibson Roberts's Simple Socks Plain & Fancy, mentioned that an easy way to get a non-saggy ankle was to go down a needle size halfway through the sock, which I dutifully did. Then I took the socks along with me on a job interview and finished the first one on the plane. Woo hoo! First sock! What an accomplished knitter I was! I blame my distracted interview state of mind for what happened next. (You see it coming, right?) I cast on for Baby Poo Sock # 2 on the flight home, but when I pulled it out yesterday afternoon, I discovered that I had, of course, cast on with the smaller needles. Even worse, the fabric looks way nicer on the smaller needles. So, my choices: forge ahead and have two different sized socks (nah); frog what I have of BPS #2 and knit it on the proper needles (not as pretty); or keep knitting BPS #2 and frog and reknit BPS #1 (discouraging).

As you might guess, I did none of those things. I think the universe is telling me that I do not need any socks with yarn the color of baby poo in them. Instead, I cast on for my mom's friend's scarf, in Knitpicks Shimmer:

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Hmm. I'm not sure I'm feeling this colorway (Happy Dance). I really liked it in the skein, because the pink and yellow next to each other gave an optical illusion that there was some pretty orange in there too, which there isn't. I'm not sure I love how the yellow just blobs into the pink when it's knitted up. Anyone have any suggestions? This is a feather-and-fan pattern; are there other lace patterns that would make for less pooling?

Meanwhile, laceweight yarn? Sheesh. Why didn't I just buy a spool of thread? At least that way I wouldn't have had to wind it.

In other news, I was reminded by Pasha of my favorite penguin item in the world, which is, weirdly, a packet of tissues. I got them in London about 3 years ago at Boots the Chemist, my all-time favorite drugstore. It came in a four-pack--there were also sheep, kitten, and frog packets, but the bestest is the penguin, because whereas the other packets had representative animal noises written on them (baa for the sheep and so forth), the penguin had...well, see for yourself:

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Of course! What else would a penguin say? Underneath it says "For bunged-up beaks and snuffly snouts." So charming.

And finally, a reminder: if you are typing busily away at your computer, and your dog is not in the room with you, and there is suspicious silence in the house, this is probably why:
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Sigh. At least it convinced me to vacuum.


Anonymous Shelby said...

I think setting the baby poo sock aside is the best choice. As for the pooling of the Happy Dance yarn... well, it's just got to turn out good it's called "Happy Dance"! And nothing named Happy Dance should turn out any way but adorable - it's a rule.

4/04/2005 8:44 AM  

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