Tuesday, May 17, 2005


Just a quickie, because I am seriously under the gun for my dissertation--it has to be circulated to my committee on Friday, so I am not allowed to so much as touch a pair of knitting needles until then.

I can, however, fantasize about what I am going to knit next. See, the next step is my dissertation defense, where I get to sit in a conference room and be grilled by five people about the merits of my work--which I am not feeling so meritorious about right now--and I think I will be able to stand up to that much better if I am wearing something comforting that I knitted myself. Because I know I am ok at knitting, and it will be nice to have a reminder in there with me that I am ok at something.

So I am thinking shrug, a) because it's hot here, yet there is fierce air-conditioning and b) because it's smallish and I can get it done in the next two weeks, knock wood. And then Anna was saying, what should I knit next? And I said a shrug, and she said ooh maybe, and now I'm thinking it would be fun to have a shrug-along! Anyone interested? I don't know how to make fancy buttons or anything, but I can try to figure it out next week.

Edited: Turns out there already is a shrug-along. Why didn't anyone tell me? (I'm looking at you, Google.) If you're interested it's here.

Here's what I'm planning on:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It's from the Staff Projects page in the summer 2005 IK--I like it because it has a little cable detail, and is Regency-inspired which is good because my work is in the Regency period for the most part. Isn't that so dorky, that I am going to knit something because it's inspired by the Regency period? And yet I love it. It calls for Southwest Trading Co. Oasis, a soy silk, but I just might be crazy and see what happens if I try it in my new best friend Calmer.


Blogger Dani said...

That soft orange is so pretty! I didn't know there was a shrug along either. THere is some page out there that I think Cara, aka Earth Mother, put together. If you google 2005 knit-alongs, it will come up!

Happy knitting!

5/18/2005 9:36 AM  
Anonymous Cordelia said...

So totally not dorky to knit something inspired by your dissertation; extra genius points if you can figure out a way to work that fact into the defense as support for how in love with your research you are. :-)

5/18/2005 11:12 AM  
Anonymous anna said...

out of all of the Interweave shrugs, that's the only one i like. What colour are you going to use? Regency is fabulously fashionable dahling (witness Alexander McQueen), so not only will your shrug be fashionable, but your whole dissertation is.

5/18/2005 2:02 PM  
Anonymous anna said...

oh, and, in case i wasn't clear, i will be shrugging. alone, or with you, or with others.

5/18/2005 2:09 PM  
Anonymous jen said...

so cute! and it says: "I am a nice person who wears sweet things like shrugs, so do not be mean to my dissertation."

Good luck!

5/18/2005 7:05 PM  

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