Sunday, May 15, 2005

Schnitzel with Noodles

Sydney (who has fancy new digs) tagged me for the Favorite Things meme--so here it is:

A List of My 10 Favorite Things In No Particular Order:

  1. Image hosted by Duh. Despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that she knocked her Uncle Marc ass-over-teakettle at the park this morning)
  2. Image hosted by Photobucket.comMy fam: me, my sister, my brother-in-law, and parents. Marc took that picture so he's kind of included.
  3. Knitting (and blogging about it)
  4. Eagles Mere, PA
  5. Real strawberry shortcake, with biscuits, not stupid angel food cake.
  6. Austin, TX
  7. The perfect nap
  8. Football season
  9. Good pens and paper
  10. Christmas
List 5 Things That You May or May Not Have Done Before That You’d Like to Learn or Try Again:

I would like to:
  1. Speak fluent French (meanwhile all my Austin friends are like, "Oh, no, not that again" because I did have a phase when I was taking my French requirement during which I would practice my Francais, out loud, ALL THE TIME. Sorry friends.)
  2. Compete in dressage. Took riding lessons and showed all through high school but stopped in college. Love it though.
  3. Sew/Quilt. My sister gave me a sewing machine last Christmas and it has been languishing. I will be practicing with it over the summer.
  4. Compete in agility with Bailey. (Why no, I'm not competitive at all, why do you ask?)
  5. Develop a reliable poker face.
I'm tagging Laurie for this little me!me!, but I would also like to try an experiment: I hereby tag any reader who hasn't yet commented here. I know you're out there! Take the meme! Say hello! (And if you do comment here, and want to take it anyway, by all means please do.)

Also, right now one of my current favorite things can be found at Naive Knitting (where there are always new favorite things waiting to be found): The Studio Confidante Project. Crafty people have cool stuff, man. Which one is mine, do you think?


Anonymous Carrie K said...

That picture is adorable! She looks so happy to be cuddling on the pillow.

5/16/2005 12:48 PM  
Anonymous laurie said...

Bailey, so damn cute! And I love love love the family pic. Ya'll look happy :)

I went through a phase where I talked out loud in Spanish all the time. Heh.

I accept your meme and shall attempt to make good on it :)

5/16/2005 2:59 PM  
Anonymous Rebekah said...

Love the puppy picture, he's adorable. He reminds me of my grandparents old dog Tank.

I so agree about the Strawberry Shortcake, it's just not real unless it's on real shortcake. No angel food cake, none of those awful yellow cups they sell at the grocery store, not even pound cake, if it's strawberry shortcake it MUST BE SHORTCAKE! Of course strawberries on top of angel food cake and pound cake is good but it's just a topping then.

5/16/2005 3:25 PM  

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