Sunday, April 17, 2005

Socks! Now With 100% Less Boringness!

As I said, I do think I will be very happy to have those Merino Style socks in the depths of a Michigan winter. I am a girl of Very Cold Feet, and spend quite a bit of time even in the Texas winter trying to convince either dog or boy to sit on my feet to keep them warm for me (ususally without much success). Yet, despite their practicality, I felt pouty about my Big Blue Blobs, as they shall henceforth be known. They had no zip, no wheeee! In short, they did not measure up to all the gorgeous Sockapalooza socks I was seeing on everyone's blogs. All those socks gave me some serious sock envy, and the Blobs just weren't filling the void. I think these'll do though:

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Look! Zip and wheeee! That's Koigu KPPPM in colorway p201. I'm using the stitch pattern from these socks (adapted to work toe-up), and it's just tangy enough to keep me on my toes (ha! toes!). The fun part: it looks sort of like you cabled, but without the bother of cabling. Good times. The pattern has an 8-row repeat, which is turning out to be a good size for reward knitting--I do X amount of work on the diss, I get to knit a repeat. (X, of course, being highly variable and contingent on whether there is, say, a fascinating Nova episode about the Seychelles Islands on TV.)

I'm knitting these on #1s, and holy crap. Why did I buy the needles? Why not just use those wooden skewers I have sitting around in my kitchen drawer doing nothing useful with themselves? I never really got it before when people talked about breaking their dpns while knitting, but boy, do I get it now. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't, because I can't bear working with metal dpns and there are no plastic ones to be had around here. (Yes, yes, the internets. Too slow! Must have instant gratification!)

Want another sock shot? One with evidence of the sprungness of Spring here in the ATX? Sure you do:

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Please take a moment, by the way, to note how tastefully coordinated my stitch marker and my yarn are. Mmmmm, anal-retentiveness. It sure can be purty.


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